"Sam is an outstanding communicator, an excellent writer, and a master of social media."
-Michael Berman, VP for Technology & Innovation, California State University Channel Islands

"Samantha is one of the most driven and talented leaders I've had the privilege of working with, in and out of the education sector. She brings a level of talent that elevates her projects while maintaining a focus on deliverables and deadlines. I've been able to see this firsthand on several occasions working on the NMC Horizon Report, and industry standard that has shaped the education and education technology conversation for years and was led by Samantha. A true asset and one that I hope to work with again in the future."
-Jeremy Shorr, Director of Technology Innovation and Early Childhood STEM Education, Teaching Institute for Excellence in STEM

"Samantha is an amazing person to work with. She is one of the best Account Managers I have ever worked with in any organization and is the ruler by which I measure others; she sets the standard then turns around and exceeds the standard. Samantha is friendly and truly enjoys working worth her clients. You would be hard-pressed to find a more enthusiastic, trustworthy or professional person to work with."
-Jacob Noorman, Manager of Digital Production (eBooks) at Zondervan Publishing

"As the Editor-in-Chief of Brilliant Magazine for several years, Samantha Adams Becker was an exemplary talent in the world of regional magazines. Her management expertise, creativity and writing content strategies are sterling and unparalleled--and remain so today.  If you have the opportunity to work with Samantha, you will be very pleased with the results." 
- Lance Avery Morgan, Publisher of Brilliant Magazine and The Society Diaries

"Samantha is one of those rare [people] that does whatever it takes to resolve problems and provide a consistently high level of service. Always pleasant, even under fire, she does whatever it takes to meet and exceed service level expectations. Always focused on delivering with high quality, Samantha is an asset to any team."
-Rich Rothstein, Vice President of Emerging Technology at HarperCollins Publishers

“I had the pleasure of working with Samantha for just less than two years. Sam's skills as a writer and an editor speak for themselves, and are evident in any writing example she might show. She has a strong and creative voice, which always portrays knowledge and clarity. What stands out about Sam, though, is what she does behind the scenes. Sam is a gifted leader and dedicated manager. She's has the ability to get things done that I otherwise wouldn't think possible. …All in a day's work for Sam. This is the type of work that shouldn't be asked of a person who also personally contributed more than a third of the editorial content to each magazine issue, oversaw all final approvals, helped create monthly and annual editorial calendars and nurtured a handful of college-aged interns on the side. But it's the type of work Sam does with deft and poise, and if she broke a sweat while doing it, you'd never know it.”
-Jake Roeschley, Assistant Editor at Brilliant Magazine

“Samantha is one of those people I wish I had 10 blank pages to write about. ...She embodies professionalism and drive ...She is an extremely intelligent woman, who's standards for herself far exceed those of most employers and it showed in the quality of her work --- which I soon realized never needed double-checking. Everyone loves Samantha. She is an absolute joy to work with, bringing humor and creativity into every situation. Samantha is one of those few people that I could spend hours creating a (brilliant) campaign with and walk away feeling like I just had cocktails with the girls. She is an absolute joy and I could not give a higher recommendation.”
-Kana LiVolsi, Product Marketing Manager

“Sam is an astute, accomplished and professional writer who has proven time and time again that she can write anything - from research reports to marketing promotions to blog posts and everything in between. Her ability to research and synthesize information into engaging content is unparalleled. On the projects we've worked on together, I've felt complete confidence in the content aspect knowing that Sam was in charge of writing. Personally, I have really enjoyed working with Sam. She's really easy to work with and she is a great communicator. Her efficiency, proactiveness, and creativity all come with a really good sense of humor.”
-Arp Laszlo, Web Designer

"Samantha embodies the spirit of a truly creative media and literary professional, applying her passion for the written word to her work to maximize the power of digital technologies, specifically in the education realm. She is an eloquent speaker, has innovative and cutting-edge ideas, and is relatable to any audience. You'll notice her enthusiasm, her loyalty, her dedication, and her insightfulness that is apparent from the moment you shake hands. It was an honor to speak on a panel with Samantha at the National University Technology Network (NUTN) and she added undeniable confidence, in depth knowledge, and inspiration not only to the panel, but to the full room of higher education professionals."
-Rebecca Otis, Digital Marketing Strategist

"Samantha is talented, reliable, and an absolute pro. I am always pleased with her work and never have to think twice about it. Working with her doesn't feel like work at all. And as far as human beings go, she's top notch."
-Phil Carmical, Scrivener Publishing

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